What Is the Cheapest Way to Send and receive Cash Online

You can choose from a lot of digital money transfers online. Most people may be overwhelmed by the number of services that they can choose from. Luckily, you do not have to worry about that. Here is a quick look at some companies that offer cheap fees so you can decide which service is right for you.

Think About What You Need

Even if a payment service has low fees, that does not mean that you should use it. You have to make sure that the fees are affordable for you IF you actually need the services. For example, avantpay.co.uk offers a payment method that is convenient for big wire transfers and funding any card. However, you could try Venmo if you want to send smaller, local transfers with your family and friends.


If your goal is to send cash abroad, you ought to check out Xoom. Xoom is owned by PayPal and it is a great service for people who send cash internationally abroad. For instance, OFWs often love Xoom because it is affordable and easy. Xoom lets their users transfer cash between various bank accounts abroad, send cash for delivery/pick up in some countries, reload international mobile phones, and pay for bills abroad. Thankfully, the recipients also do not need a PayPal account to receive the Xoom payments.


Another payment company owned by PayPal is Venmo, a great money transfer company that focuses on its social features. A lot of people like Venmo because it is easy to send small and quick friends to their friends and family. A lot of the younger generation use Venmo to split bills with other people. You can use Venmo to withdraw funds for free from your bank account or debit card. However, using a credit card will cost you 3%.

An image of a silver pen and a credit card.


PayPal is one of the most common ways to transfer cash. Many merchants accept PayPal as payment; however, each transaction will come with fees. Plus, there will be fees for when you send cash using your debit card or your credit card. Thankfully, using your PayPal balance or linked checking account to send money is free when you send to your family and friends.

Google Pay

If you want to make personal payments, Google Pay is great for you. You can use it to send cash from the account balance for free. Additionally, sending money to your linked bank account/debit card is free. However, Google pay is not a commonly accepted payment method for many merchants.

Transfer Wise

If you want to send cash abroad, you can try out TransferWise. TransferWise is one of the cheapest ways people can send international transfers. TransferWise’s fees usually only cost 1% or less of however much you send. Another bonus is that this service always tries to give you the lowest exchange rate.

Using digital money transfer services is a great way to send and receive money, especially when you pick a great service that works for you with low fees. Use the info above to make the best choice for your transfer needs.